Your connection to the OSS

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One Klick APIs

  • Ready-to-use APIs
  • Release with one click
  • 24/7 API monitoring

Multi Market Dashboard

  • Single Tax Dashboard
  • All transactions in one place

VATRules by eClear

  • Europe‘s most comprehensive on-demand tax rate database
  • Determine all VAT rates automatically with legal certainty
  • 1.2 million certified tax codes for all EU-27 + UK
  • Permanently updated, all exceptions and regulations

Foreign warehouses optional

  • VAT registration in the 6 most important countries
  • Registration and end-to-end automated reporting via our VAT Hub

Data export for tax advisors

  • Data preparation for accounting (Mapping)
  • Data export for accounting systems
  • DATEV interface (Kanzlei Rewe)

Report taxes end-to-end

  • Automates paperless report
  • Direct connectivity to the OSS or via tax advisor (optional)

Your advantages with OSS+

  • Interface to the OSS
  • Multi Market Tax Dashboard
  • VAT rates check
  • Validation / Plausibility check
  • 24/7 API monitoring
  • Quarterly OSS reporting


  • „You need the correct EU VAT rates. Otherwise, you will lose track and a lot of money. With OSS+, the VATRules are included. And for our foreign warehouses, we have booked the FBA package. Connection, calculation, reporting – it‘s all there. That makes daily business much more manageable.“
    Martin Walter
    Managing Director Woldoshop GmbH


  • One click connectivity (API)
  • OSS connector end-to-end
  • Automated reporting to the OSS
  • Tax Dashboard
    Everything in view
99EUR /M*
One-time onboarding EUR 249


  • Package BASIC
  • VATRules by eClear
    Determine EU VAT rates with legal certainty
  • Tax assignment
    Assign EU VAT rates to own articles
  • DATEV interface
249EUR /M*
One-time onboarding 890 EUR


  • Package foreign warehouses
    CZ, ES, FR, IT, UK, PL
  • VAT reporting incl. stock transfers (FBA)
  • CheckVAT ID for B2B sales
  • Intrastat and recapitulative statement on request
990EUR /M*
One-time onboarding 2.900 EUR; 1.450 EUR w/o registration (incl. re-registration and application for access)
*Price per month; including 10,000 sales; Top-up rate: 49 EUR per additional 10,000 sales; term 12 months; payable annually in advance

What you need to know about the OSS

  • Registration and reporting

    Your tax advisor can do this from now on. However, he will then also be liable abroad. Let's see if he will cooperate.As a rule, he has had nothing to do with foreign taxes so far.
  • Tax rates

    Ok, you report. But what exactly? There are 50,000 exemptions for everyday products in Europe. Where do you get your tax rates from? You are liable for the correctness - for 10 years.
  • Assignment of tax rates

    Tax rates change permanently, in some countries even several times a year. Who records these changes for you? Do you know that a shoe in England is taxed at 20% (size 38) and 0% (size 28)?
  • Foreign warehouses

    In countries where you operate a warehouse (e.g. Amazon FBA), the OSS is excluded. You must be registered there with your own VAT ID.
  • Money

    You pay in your home country, but the refund comes from abroad - that can take time.
  • Liability

    You declare in your home country, but you remain liable for tax in the country of destination of your goods. You also have to handle communication and audits with foreign authorities.

These advantages offers you OSS+

  • Registration and notification

    We report directly from your shop. You have full control from a clear TAX dashboard and release the report. We forward the data to your tax advisor via a DATEV interface.
  • Tax rates

    With OSS+ you are connected to Europe's largest tax database. It contains over 1.2 million tax codes and 50,000 exemptions. Permanently updated and linked to your account.Does Amazon provide you with your tax rates? Better check again.
  • Assignment of tax rates

    Easy assignment of your articles to our tax database. OSS+ offers you a link between your articles and our certified tax codes.Your advantage: If the tax rate in a country changes, your article is immediately updated.
  • Foreign warehouses

    OSS+ offers you the 6 most important countries (ES, FR, IT, CZ, PL, UK) in a package. Register, report, fully automated, end-to-end.
  • Money

    With ClearVAT, your VAT rate is always 0%, throughout Europe, on all goods shipments. You no longer have to wait for refunds for correction declarations from the EU-27.
  • Liability

    ClearVAT assumes full liability from B2C transactions. Your tax insurance abroad. No tax audit, no liability, no demands from foreign tax offices.

    Registration-free - Tax-free - Liability-free

    ClearVAT is so far available for Hybris, plentymarkets, Magento 1.9 and Magento 2.0

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Certified security
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The accounting systems (GoB), tax logic and the entire software of OSS+ are certified in accordance with Auditing Standard 880 of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany.

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Deloitte continuously ensures the correctness of the applied tax rates, exemptions, reductions and exceptions for all EU member states.

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OSS+ runs on the latest SAP S4/HANA core system with the high-performance in-memory database technology.